Copa del Rey 2023 final

The Copa del Rey 2023 final will surely attract many fans of this type of competition. This is the 121st edition of the King’s Cup. In other words, the oldest official football competition in Spain. The winners of the competition will qualify directly for the 2023/2024 UEFA Europa League group stage. The winners and runners-up will be eligible to compete in the 2023/2024 Supercopa de España.

After beating Valencia on penalties in the final last year, Real Betis took the title. However, in the 2022/23 season, they were eliminated in the round of 16 by Osasuna.

The semi-final will certainly offer the final before the final. And how could it not be when two giants like Barcelona and Real Madrid will play? It will be difficult to predict the outcome of the match since both teams are quite evenly matched. Even though Barcelona’s game shows a lot of promise and it seems that they are back on the winning track, you have to be careful. Since on the other side, they will face a team that has a winning mentality as well as experience, it is ungrateful to predict anything.

Copa del Rey final 2023 – What about the second final?

Copa del Rey is a football competition organized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation. The competition has been held since 1903 and is open to teams from Segunda División, La Liga, and several qualifiers from lower levels.

The first mention of two finals comes from the beginning of the 20th century. Since the first final between Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid, 119 finals have been played, with the 1904 final not taking place until 1910 and 1913, when two parallel tournaments, as well as finals, were played. The reason was a disagreement between FEF and UCEF. Four finals ended in a draw. While penalty kicks were played in six games, 25 of them ended in extra time.

Since 2022, 34 different teams have competed in the finals, and 14 of them have won the tournament at least once. Barcelona is currently the only team that has won the UEFA Champions League, Copa del Rey, and La Liga in the same year. The only two times the competition did not take place were in 1937 and 1938, both times due to the consequences of the Spanish Civil War.

Even though this is one of the oldest football competitions in Spain, the biggest clubs look at this event as something secondary. In other words, they focus more on Champions League matches and Spanish league matches.

The royal football competition only became known to the clubs as well as fans at a later stage. Especially the knockout round which meant a lot of fun. One of the most famous matches was the one between Real and Atletico Madrid. Overtime was played, and Real had a lot to make up for to play in the next round.

Copa del Rey format

Over the years, there have been changes in the competition, so before 2019, only clubs from the first two tiers of the league as well as regional champions from the third tier were allowed to participate. However, since then the organization is open to 125 teams and regional champions at tier 6.

The first club includes clubs except the first two from last season and the two finalists from last season’s Cup. 110 clubs play 55 games, usually in the first part of November.

The next three rounds up to the quarter-finals, which take place at the end of January, follow the same format. However, away teams from La Liga will always play against lower-ranked teams remaining in the competition.

The final is usually played on neutral ground in late April or early May. Even though this sports organization was known for changing the venue of the finals in 2019 there has been a small change. Since that year, the final has been organized in Seville.

Who has won more titles, Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Barcelona is the club with the most titles won, which is eight more than Athletic. One of the trophies like the Spanish Super Cup 2023 was the first trophy under the leadership of Xavi Hernández. It was a final with young players. Best of all they beat Real Madrid, old enemies. Which is why many see it as a new beginning for the Catalan club.

However, the Catalans have a lot of work to do to catch up with their rivals. Real Madrid won a lot more domestic leagues 35-26 and European Cups and Champions League 14-5. Even though for some it will be a more realistic indicator of the balance of power, Barcelona’s winning streak cannot be ignored.

Barcelona has won 31 titles so far. Athletic Club is in second place, and Real Madrid is in third place. By far the best years were the 1920s and 1950s when Barcelona won in both decades. It’s a success they repeated in 2010, winning four seasons in a row. Furthermore, Luis Enrique lifted the trophy in each of the three seasons he was in charge of. We have to wait and see who will be a winner in the Copa del Rey 2023 final.

Who are the top scorers?

Busquets, Messi, Agustín Gaínza, and Gerard Piqué are among the most successful players with the most wins. Telmo Zarra thus holds the record for the most goals in consecutive finals, scoring four of them in the 1950 final.

Who has more trophies in the royal competition Ronaldo or Messi? While Messi has 42 trophies including the Copa America title, 4 UEFA Champions Leagues, and 7 Copa del Rey titles, Ronaldo’s situation is somewhat different. Ronaldo has seven titles, five of which are the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA European Championship.

Which teams are expected to win the Copa del Rey?

Who will win this competition? According to predictions made by well-known bookmakers, there are several indications of who could be the winner. With the most reliable betting tips, it won’t be difficult to guess the Copa del Rey 2023 final.