Scannerbet: New features

At this point, I imagine that you already know the uses and advantages that our powerful betting comparator offers you. In addition to the tools that our website already had such as the comparison table, the betslip and the football an tennis tips, we have recently added new features. These new features are sure to enhance your experience with the online betting.

Do you want to know what these new improvements are about? Keep reading that you are one step away from discovering them.

Share your bets with your friends!

One of the new improvements implemented on our website is the possibility of sharing your bets through the most used channels such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram. You will be able to share with a friend or with your group of friends your selected bet so that they do not lose it.

This is a great advantage whether you are a tipster or individual gambler and you share your bets with your friends or group. Everything you need, in one place!

The process is quite simple. Study your bet in advance to avoid risks. To do this, you can be guided by our free football and tennis predictions. Once you have analyzed your bet and have chosen your market to bet on, the next step will be to compare the odds in our comparator. This is a step to take into account if you want to increase your winnings with betting.

After comparing the odds and choosing the bookmaker that offers the highest odds, click on your bet. This bet will be visible on the Betslip in the upper right corner. Use the buttons below and share your bet with your group of friends.

To guide you through this process, take a look to this video-tutorial to check the steps previously explained.

Popular bets

In addition to the tips we offer you for free on our website, you can also guide yourself from the popular bets. These can be found at the bottom of any event and in many other cases, just below the betslip.

These popular bets, as the name suggests, are the most widely placed bets on a predetermined event or match. They are represented in a pie chart that is very easy to interpret. These are the most popular bets for a specific match or event.

If you access any competition through the dropdown menu on the left, you will also be able to see the featured bets just below the betslip. In this case, you will see the most relevant bets for the matches of that specific competition.

Visual enhancement of matches and events

In the visual and creative part, we have also implemented an important improvement that make navigation easier. The incorporation of the logos and images of each team or player improves the usability of the web. This helps users to find a certain match more quickly.

What will be next?

In order to provide you with the best possible experience, we will soon include many other enhancements that will take online sports betting to a higher level.

The main purpose of Scannerbet is to become your essential tool for online betting and we care about offering our users the best.

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