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Betcris bonus and offers

Betcris bonus is available in many countries so use the opportunity to make additional money. This betting house has started with business back in 1985 so they have a long history and strong name. The recognizable brand is widely considered as a pioneer of the online sportsbook industry.

It is regulated by SEGOB and operates around the globe, including countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Betcris welcome bonus

The Betcriss Welcome Bonus isn’t always the same. The percentage you get can differ and rules can change but the welcome bonus is usually a percentage on top of your deposit and nothing else. In general, the welcome bonus is 20% in most countries. While the bonus isn’t so high, it has many advantages such as wagering conditions.

The wagering requirements for this bonus are only 4 times, so in comparison to many other betting houses, this is fairly reasonable. It works in a similar way like with other bookmakers, you need to add the deposit amount to the amount of received bonus. Then, you need to bet that amount four times to be able to withdraw your funds.

You can withdraw your funds earlier as well, however, in that case, you will lose rights to your Betcris bonus. If you wonder how much you need to spend to unlock the bonus, you can easily calculate it – (the deposit amount + bonus amount you received) x 4. By this formula, you can get an exact result. For example, if you put $ 5700 MXN in play and apply for the 20% bonus – you will need to pay $ 27,360 MXN to meet the wagering requirements. At that time, you can request payment.

How to get the Betcris bonus?

To register on the Betcris, you need to enter the official page and click on the green button ‘Sign up now’. You will immediately see the form for registration which you need to fill in with your personal information. Prepare your ID number with all the rest of personal info, like name and gender. You will also need to create a username and password to create an account.

In case you are not the only one using the computer, you should never save your password. You are taking the risk and the responsibility for password and account number is completely on you. All bets need to be confirmed in the end by a PIN code, which is another measure of precaution. So, there is no way for someone to break in unless that person has your password.

Conditions of the Betcris Bonus

To be able to withdraw the winnings, you need to meet the rollover requirements, which are 4 times the amount of bonus received + deposit amount. To participate in this promotion or even gain access on the website, you must be over 18 years old. The country of your residence is also important for claiming the Betcris bonus. In case you are from the area where betting is prohibited or bonuses aren’t available, you will be notified and you won’t be able to participate in the offer.

Make sure you keep an eye for the rules, policies and dividends as they can sometimes change without notice. Only the sports bets will be taken into account for wagering requirements. If you play in Casino or Horse Racing, they won’t contribute to the rollover.

The bonuses for Casino are different from the Sports Bonus and Casino bonus won’t affect your ability to request a withdrawal from your account, while the Sports Bonus will. In each qualifying bet, only the smallest amount between the amount to the risk and the amount to win will count for a rollover.

If you lose the match, only the amount to risk will be counted for the rollover as well. Qualified bets without being action won’t contribute to wagering requirements. The rollover will be considered satisfied as long as you meet the required amount in action. The wagering requirements will be fulfiled in chronological order by date and time so all incoming bets will first be applied to the oldest outstanding amount.

Other promotions of Betcris

Besides the welcome bonus, there are bonuses like Re-entry and Free Play. From time to time there are other bonuses so you should pay attention to the promotion.

Re-Entry Bonus

This is the bonus you get every time you deposit $ 950 MXN or more. With this offer, you can get a 10% deposit up to $9500 MXN. The Betcris bonus will be delivered in the form of Free Play. For this bonus, the rule of 4 rollovers also applies. You have to use the formula – (the deposit amount + bonus amount granted) x 4 to get the amount you need to wager before requesting a withdrawal.

The Free Play promotions are usually delivered to users to increase chances of winning by the increasing amount you can spend on bets. Re-Deposit Bonus can be awarded only if you already have a balance of $1900 MXN or less, you haven’t withdrawn any money for at least 30 days and your most recent activity was mostly losses. The losses need to be equal to the amount redeployed.

Free Play Bonus

This promotion is usually awarded upon participating in specific events or on social media promotions. With this promotion, you can get a chance of winning without risking your money. The Free Play bet can be used in the majority of sports like football, American football and basketball. It will be for handicap and total bets and in the direct bets (many lines, handicaps and totals). In parlays, it can only be used in money lines.

For hockey and basketball, you can use it on totals and money lines. To check your free play balance, see the right top side of your screen. When winning a bet with this type of promotion, only the winning amount will be credited to your balance. Each of these bets will be valid for 180 days and for each one, you must complete a rollover.

The maximum payout for this promotion is $95,000 MXN. If you place a bet which results with a tie or no action – it will be considered lost and it will be removed without a refund.


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