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Sportium bonus, offers and promotions

Sportium is considered as one of the most popular sportbooks and casino games in Spain. In addition, they boast to have a wide range of different bonuses and promotions. Not only for new users, but also for those who are already members of this well established bookmaker.

Here you will get the most complete information about all the Sportium Bonus & promotions. So let’s check what they really have to offer!

Sportium Welcome Bonus

Every new Sportium user will get a welcome bonus. This bonus will be in the amount of the first deposit. But this bonus can’t be bigger than €100.

This promotion is also compatible with other Sportium promotions. All users who choose to make a payment through Neteller and Skrill will not be eligible to get a Sportium welcome bonus. Customers who choose to make their first payment at the Sportium store will receive a welcome bonus.


sportium bonus

sportium bonus

How to get the Sportium bonus?

To get this bonus, a new user needs to make a registration and the first deposit. A first deposit needs to be in the 48 hours since the registration. After that go in the “Betting Bonuses” and here enter the code “BONUS”. Only like this, you can expect that the same amount as your deposit will be added to your account.

After you make a deposit, all the bets need to be settled in 30 days. And don’t forget that free bets will disappear after seven days. You make a decision about how you want to spend this bonus, in one bet or in more of them.

For example, if you make an account and you make the first deposit in the amount of €50, automatically you will have €100 on your account. Before you start to use your bonus, you will need to spend €50 on real money.

Conditions of the Sportium bonus

After you get a welcome bonus, you have only one condition. You need to spend your real money in the same amount as your welcome bonus, only then you can use your free bets. But you don’t need to make only one bet with this free bonus. All bets need to be made at odds of 1,5 or higher and settled within 30 days after you make a deposit. After that time the bonus will expire.

After you make all the requirements for a bonus, you can make your free bet on a sport or event you want. The welcome bonus will bee is seen on your account as Freebet. You will have seven days to spend your bet before she disappears. Also, you can spend this bet on one bet or on a couple of them. But never use two free bets in the same event.


Other promotions of Sportium

For all players, Sportium is offering additional bonuses and promotions. On Sportium you can find several promotions like Sportium PRO6, Club League, Sportium Uno, Sportium TV, Cash Out, Vip Club, Promo NBA, Euroleague: 2 + 1, Special bets, Best Guaranteed Fee and many others. Some of them will change though the year. From time to time Sportium is offering some new promotions.

Vip Club

Vip Club provides special treatment to its members. Also, special bonuses based on your level of play, exclusive promotion, and many other benefits.

If you would like to become a member of the Sportium Vip Club send an email on When sending mail, be sure to write down your username.

Club Liga

To sign up, just enter and select your favourite team. Just with signing up you will get €1! From that moment you will get different bonuses. In this way you will get 5% from your bets on your team in the league matches, 1% from your bets in the League (1 and 2 division) and 3% if you bet on your favourite international league.

Every user will get a loyalty bonus. Each month in the Club Liga you will get €1 for the next month. For example, if you join the club this month, next month you will collect €1 for the past month. You join in December, in January you will get €1. In February, you will get €2, etc. If you make a decision to not participate in the month, you will start again from the next one.

With all this, you will get additional bonuses for betting on other sports or tournaments. Each user can get a maximum of €25. You will get €1 after sign up, loyalty bonus and some extra bonuses.

Your bonus from the Club League will be paid first working Tuesday in the month. After 30 days your free bet will disappear and the minimum bonus you can get is 25 cents per month.

Sportium PRO6

Sportium PRO6 gives his users the chance to win €100,000 each week. Each week Sportium will offer six events, and to win all the money you will need to guess all six events. In case you guess only one event, then you will win €5 of free bets. And if you guess 5 of 6 events you will have a chance to win €5000. This is also called Sportium PRO5.

This is free promotion, the only condition is that you are registered on Sportium. Your free bets will they will charge within 48 hours after the last match of the day. You can use your free bets on whatever you want, but have in mind that your free bets will expire in 7 days.

Cash Out

Cash Out or Early Cash gives the Sportium users a chance to redeem a bet before the event ends. In this way, if you have a winning bet you can make Cash Out. Like this, you can avoid a loss.

Sometimes you can have a winning bet, but in the last moments, this bet can go wrong. With Cash Out you will minimize the potential loss.

But you can’t use Cash Out in every bet. Only in bets where Cash Out is allowed. And you can use Cash Out only before the beginning of a certain event.



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