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Zamba bonus and promotions

Learn more about Zamba bonus for new members and the promotions for existing users. Zamba is a Colombian betting house, which was born from merging 2 large companies into one. Each of those companies is an expert with extensive experience in this sector. They are a leading business group, specialized in high-performance online casinos and sports betting.

It is one of the more ambitious projects in the Colombian betting scene in recent years. They offer numerous sporting events to bet on and the cover the majority of interesting sports. There are special bets for almost every event and you can find many bonuses to boost your winnings.

Zamba Welcome Bonus

For your first deposit at Zamba, you can get a 50% bonus up to $ 100 000. So let’s take an example; you deposit $50 000 and for that amount, you will get a $25 000 bonus. This offer is valid only for new users, who are making their first account ever and placing their first deposit.

How to get Zamba bonus?

To get the bonus, you have to make a first deposit of minimum $20 000. Before that, of course, you have to register on the website. To do that, click on the login button, which will open an option to log in and ‘create my account’. You will have to add personal information, create username and password and set numerous things about your account, like deposit limits and such.

After that, you will be ready to make your first deposit and earn a bonus. There are a lot of ways in which you can make a deposit, like PayU, credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, PSE (secure online payment), effects and ballot.

Free Bets

Besides the classic percentage bonus, you can also get free bets for your first deposit. To get this promotion, you have to make a deposit, bet on the event you choose and you will receive one or more free bets. The number of free bets depends on the deposit value. For $20 000 deposit, you will get one free bet in the same value. For deposits that are bigger than $750 000, you can get 11 free bets of $20 000.

deposit free bets
$ 20,000 to $ 74,999 1 free bet of $ 20,000 
$ 75,000 to $ 149,999  2 free bet of $ 20,000
$ 150,000 to $ 224,999  3 free bet of $ 20,000
$ 225,000 to $ 299,999  4 free bet of $ 20,000
$ 300,000 to $ 374,999  5 free bet of $ 20,000
$ 375,000 to $ 449,999  6 free bet of $ 20,000
$ 450,000 to $ 524,999  7 free bet of $ 20,000
$ 525,000 to $ 599,999  8 free bet of $ 20,000
$ 600,000 to $ 674,999  9 free bet of $ 20,000
$ 675,000 to $ 749,999  10 free bet of $ 20,000
$ 750,000 or more  11 free bet of $ 20,000

Conditions of Zamba bonus

All bonuses will be added to your balance under certain conditions. They will be converted into real money after being used in bets on games or sports betting. Each bonus is personal and can’t be transferred to another person. If the abuse of account is discovered, your account will be terminated and you will lose all rights for bonus and for betting.

The most common bonus is the percentage you get on top of your deposit, just like a welcome bonus is. The real money will always be spent before the bonus balance in your account. The bonus balance won’t be converted into real money until you finish the wagering requirements. To fulfil your wagering requirements, each bet has to have odds greater than 1.60.

Only if your account has less than $5 000 of bonus, it will be able to convert into real money on the next bet or game you perform. You are free to withdraw your money any time, however, if you do it before finishing wagering requirements, your bonus will be cancelled. Keep in mind that you can’t combine two offers from the first deposit section.

Free bets are another form of the first deposit bonus. They also have wagering requirements, which are fulfiled by bets with odds greater than 1.50. Only bets made with real money on single and combi coupons will bring contribution to unlock free bet. If you deposit $150 000, you will receive 3 free bets of $20 000. If you play with $50 000, the first 2 free bets of $20 000 will be unlocked and leave you with a remaining balance of $10 000 to be unlocked.

Other promotions of Zamba

Besides the welcome bonus, Zamba always has a few additional promotions for customers. For loyal customers, they have developed a system of gathering points – which contribute to your bonuses and promotions. Betting with this bookmaker will always pay off.

Referral Bonus

If you like betting at Zamba, you can invite your friends and acquaintances. Invite them to deposit, play and win – and you will get a game bonus of $30 000. You can get that bonus for each friend you invite to register with your invitation. The bonus will be reflected in your balance as soon at the new customer activates the account and deposits a minimum of $50 000 and reach a game of $450 000.

Invited friends will also get the first deposit promotions just like everyone else. However, if they don’t spend the necessary amount, you won’t get your bonus. Keep in mind that this bonus can have wagering requirements like any other.

Cash-Out option

Cash Out is a great thing to prevent losing all of your money in case you doubt your bet will fail. With this option, you will minimize your losses and secure a part of your winnings.

You can make total or partial cash out either in pre-match bets or for live events. It applies both for single and multiple bets. For each bet that can be cashed out, you will receive a proposal to buy it back.

Super Betting

With your first deposit, you can catch a bet with exceptional odds. The benefits from the super bet will be paid in real money, without conditions and they are valid at any time. These bets will be available continuously and whether you choose them or not, it will be up to you.

This promotion is valid only once per player, after the first deposit. The registration in the promotion at the time of deposit will be valid at all times and can be used on super bets page at any time you want.

The maximum amount for each super bet will appear in the window and this value will vary, depending on the super bets promotion. Super bets are not available for the cashout and won’t affect wagering requirements and don’t count in the club points. If you validate this offer, you won’t be able to combine it with other first deposit offers.


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