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Betcris review

  betcris Pros

  • More than 15 sports on the list
  • Huge market for eSports betting
  • Long experience offering bets

  betcris Cons

  • No Live Streaming
  • No Mobile App

Before we begin this Betcris review, let's start with a little history. Betcris is a betting house which started with their business back in 1985. It is widely considered as a pioneer of the online sportsbook industry. The advantage of this betting house is that they established their roots so early. Therefore, they have a recognizable brand and optimized product.

They offer thousands of betting markets and combination which includes online sportsbook and casino. Betcris is regulated by SEGOB and operate around the globe including countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

Web usability 5.0

Welcome bonus 3.0

Customer service 4.0

Odds quality 5.0

  Why people choose Betcris?

Aside from their great welcome bonus and other available promotions, Betcris has a great betting market. Their website is also adapted for mobile use, so you can bet anywhere – any time!

  Betcris Welcome Bonus

You can get a welcome bonus of 20% on the amount of your first deposit. However, there are a lot of rules and downsides regarding this bonus. The minimum you can deposit is $ 50 and the rollover requirement is four times. So, that means you need to bet the bonus amount plus deposit amount four times in order to withdraw the original bonus.

The welcome bonus percentage can vary depending on your country of residence but it is usually around 20%. The maximum bonus amount you can get is $ 500.

  How to register?

The registration process is very simple. When you enter their official page, you will see two buttons in the middle of the page; green ‘Sign up now’ and blue ‘Test the Site’. Testing the site will lead you to the betting part where you can study the site and see how it works.

However, to place a bet you still need to be signed in. After you click on the ‘Sign up now’ button, you will see the form for registration. You need to choose your gender, state your first name, last name and if you have a second surname. Prepare your ID as you need to verify your identity. Besides your private information, you will also need to create a password.

We recommend using a password you don’t use for anything else. In case someone else is using the computer, do not mark the option ‘remember my password’. You can also delete cookies to prevent children from accidentally entering the online betting page.


As mentioned before, the bonus needs to go through rollover 4 times before you can make a withdrawal. If you try to withdraw before you made wagering requirements, you will lose the bonus amount. Of course, there is a way you can calculate exactly how much you need to spend to unlock a certain amount of bonus.

Let’s take an example: if you deposit $ 250, you will meet the rollover requirement after playing $ 1,200. The rollover requirement is following: (deposit amount + bonus amount) x 4.

So in case you make a first deposit of $ 60 and the bonus is 25%. That is (60 + 12)x4 = 288. You need to spend $ 288. Be careful what sports bet you take for rollover, as not everything gives the contribution. Casino and Horse racing won’t give any contribution. Casino bonuses are different from sports so keep that in mind.


  Betcris review: additional promotions

Besides the welcome bonus, there is a ‘Re-Entry Bonus’ and ‘Free Play’ promotion. With ‘Re-Entry Bonus’ you will get a 10% of your deposit value every time you deposit $ 50 or more. The biggest amount you can get is $ 450 and deposit is delivered in the form of free play. This bonus works just like a welcome bonus.

The wagering requirement is 4 rollovers. Free Play promotions are generated to increase users’ chances of winning. You don’t need to accept this offer but by doing so, you also agree to the terms and conditions. Read them before accepting any of the bonuses.

The ‘Free Game’ or ‘Free Play’ is a type of bonus awarded in specific events or social media promotions. These increase your chances of winning a bet while you don’t risk your money. These bets can be used in major sports like Football, American Football and Basketball. However, it can only be used in direct bets which are money lines, handicaps and totals.

In hockey and baseball, you can use free plays on money lines and total as well. You can check the free play balance at the top of the page. By winning with this type of promotion, you will only be credited by the winning amount – only that amount will be added to your balance.

Free Play bets

Each of the Free play bets will be valid for 180 days since you activated them. If you don’t complete the rollover in that period, you will lose the bonus. If you want to withdraw earnings from your account, do it always before activating any bonus or promotion. The maximum payout you can get with these bets is $ 4,500.

Free Plays can’t be played on proposition lines and can only be used on selections which odds are from -220 (1.5) up to +300 (4.0). if your bet ends in a tie or has no action it will be considered as lost and it will be removed. You won’t get any refund of money for that.

The betting house can disqualify you any time if you break the rules or take advantage of the Free Plays system. The promotions are designed for recreational users and Betcris reserves a right to decide if a user is eligible to participate in promotional offers.

To use the Free Play, you need to log into your account, then select the type of bet you want to make. After that, you need to find the small ‘JG’ box on the right side of your screen and click on it. There, you can enter your bet amount which will be deducted from your available Free Game balance – not your cash balance. To confirm, you must click ‘BET’.

Once your bet is sent, you will get the confirmation message. To check the details of the Free Play bets, you can click on ‘Open Bets’.

  Sports on Betcris

The biggest advantage of this betting house is definitely the number of sports they offer. There are over 15 different sports on the list and football fans will be very happy to see the offer. For Europe, the market is very rich while there is also offer for international football and Asia. The growing trend of eSports can also be found on the website, even offering E-ice hockey.

Besides football, you can also find a lot for table tennis, tennis and American football. Martial arts and boxing are also included in their offer. What is interesting is the new sports simulations market which is not so commonly seen among betting houses.

  Betcris Odds

Sports bets can be played like a classic ‘To win’ bet, the ‘total’, handicap and plus bets. The total represents a final number of goals that the team will be able to score. For fewer goals, you will see the letter ‘u’ (under) and for more goals, there will be ‘o’ (over) sign. For example, if you see u3 -188 that means there will be less than 3 goals with a number on the side being the odds. The wagering is simple and doesn’t differ much from other betting houses.

  Live Betting on Betcris

To be able to see the live offer, you must register. They do offer the live betting and it includes football and other few popular markets. Live betting is a big advantage and offers a special kind of excitement. However, they don’t have live streaming in offer.

  Betcriss Mobile App

The betting house doesn’t offer a mobile app but their website is optimised and allows users from all over the world to access the website. There are some advantages of using this instead of app like not incurring extra mobile data costs of downloading the application. This version also won’t save u any space in your phone’s storage.

  Customer Service

Customer Service can be easily approached by a click on the button in the top right side of the website which says ‘Let’s talk’. If you click on it, the chat will immediately appear. You can choose from three options; customer support, betting or casino. If your problem is of a different nature, you can always just ask without choosing any specific option.

They are usually answering very quickly. If you don’t want to type or have troubles with a chat, you can always choose to call them. The number will be listed on the bottom of the website and they are usually available 24/7.

  Betcris security

This bookmaker has a Federal Official Permit SEGOB DGJS/405/ 2018. Its domicile is in Calzada Zavaleta 130-14, Santa Cruz Buenavista, Cuautlancingo, Puebla CP72150. They carry the responsibility of collecting, using and protecting your private and personal information. Betcris is a bookie with all necessary licenses and operates under government supervision. You can check the privacy policy on the bottom of the page, by clicking on yellow market letters ‘privacy notice’.


Betting houses rarely have good promotions with reasonable wagering requirements. The story is not much different in here as well, the promotions are fair but won’t turn heads. But they have an atractive offer for football fans and some other popular markets as well.

Mobile App still isn’t available but the website is adapted for mobile use. It is very responsive and well developed, doesn’t lack any features. In general, this bookmaker isn’t something that most bettors will consider a favourite, but you may find some interesting betting markets.


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