Prediction: Napoli-Milan

This Sunday, July 12, fans can enjoy the match between Napoli-Milan. We will enjoy the match between two teams who are in the run for their place in the European competition. Milan is in the 7th position, and Napoli is in the 6th position. These two teams are only two points separate. And victory in this match can change a lot the standings on the table.

Milan played the last game against Juventus. This was one spectacular game, where we can see a lot of goals. Even if they were losing, they manage to change the score and the final result was 4-2 for Milan. In this game, Milan has 51% of ball possession, and from the 13 shots, 9 of them were on the goal.

Napoli played the last game against Genoa. In that game, Napoli won with a score of 2-1. Napoli had a better ball possession in this game. They had 67% of ball possession, and Genoa had 33% of ball possession. Genoa had 6 shots on the goal, and only one was on the target. While Napoli had 19 shots on the goal, and 10 of them were on the target.

The last time when these two teams played was in November of 2019. In this match, we didn’t see the winner. But in that period both teams didn’t play good football. And now Napoli and Milan are in the run for the European competition.

Statistic of the match:

Statistics can give us a lot of information before the game. In this match, Napoli is coming with four victories, one defeat and one time they played without a winner. On the other hand, Milan is coming into this game with four victories and two times they played without a winner.

This will be one great match with two teams with a small difference between those two teams. So far these two teams played 28 times. Napoli has a better statistic, they won in the 10 direct matches, while Milan won in 7 direct matches. In 11 direct matches, they played without a winner. The average number of goals in the direct matches both teams scored an average of 2,64 goals per match.

Looking into this season, Napoli average scored 1,62 goals per match, and the AC Milan average scored 1,38 goals per match.


What is the prediction?

Both teams are in the run for Europe. It’s clear that both of them will be in the run for the victory. Looking into the statistic, it’s hard to decide who will win this match. But one thing is clear, there is a huge possibility that both teams will score a goal. Still, odds are on the side of Napoli.


Match: Napoli-Milan

Bet: Both teams will score

Odds: +320 (4,20)