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Marathonbet review

  marathonbet Pros

  • Free Live Streaming for the users
  • A Loyalty Program
  • Great customer service
  • The biggest events in the eSports world

  marathonbet Cons

  • There are not many promotions
  • The bonus requires a high first deposit

MarathonBet has only one goal, from 1997 when they are founded, and that is your fun. Since that time they operate internationally. During the whole this time, they got six licenses and one online gaming concession. Since 2002 they start to work online.

All MarathonBet products are analyzed to verify their integrity and legitimacy. Now and in the past, they were partners with many clubs across the UK and Europe.

Website usability 5.0

Welcome bonus 3.0

Customer service 4.0

Odds quality 5.0

  Why people chose MarathonBet?

What MarathonBet has to offer us? MarathonBet is offering bets on all important sports in the world. Users can find some major sports categorizes like football, eSports, basketball, handball, baseball, and many others. With all these major categories, users can find sports that are not so popular, like chess, darts, horse racing, golf, hockey, and many others. Also, users can bet on lotto.

Users will have access to the most popular sports events in the world, such as the Champions League, Europa League, and Grand Slams, some of the biggest events in the eSports world. Users can enjoy betting on live events in many different markets.

MarathonBet is available on the web, but also offers a mobile application. One of the most important things on the MarathonBet is customer support, which will give you the answer to any of your problems.

  MarathonBet welcome bonus

Every new user can get a welcome bonus on Marathonbet. On Marathonbet you can get a welcome bonus in the amount of 50% of your first deposit. The maximum amount you can get is €30. To receive this bonus, you need to register and make your first deposit.

A bigger deposit will bring you more money, but before you get your welcome bonus you need to make the first bet. Right after that welcome bonus will be on your account. Minimum odds for the first bet need to be 1,80 or higher.

  MarathonBet bonus conditions

A welcome bonus is only available for new MarathonBet users and is limited only to one person who makes his first deposit with a Welcome code. When you did your registration, you need to make your first deposit. Minimal amount in the first deposit is €10. The maximum amount of the bonus is €30. You will get 50% of your first deposit, but if you deposit the amount of €100, you will still get a bonus in the amount of €30.

To release your bonus you will need to make the first bet, but this bet needs to be five times higher than your first deposit. For example, if your first deposit is in the amount of €15, then you will need to make your first bet in the amount of €75. Because you will get €5 of bonus, and 15×5 = 75. Minimal odds in your bet need to be 1,80 or higher.

Every user needs to make his first deposit and bet in 30 days, or his welcome bonus will be removed and the offer will be closed.

  Additional bonuses and promotions

MarathonBet is offering many different bonuses and promotions. One of them is the MarathonBet Loyalty Program. With this promotion, users can take advantage of all the benefits of the bonus catalog, which later can exchange for the points.

MarathonBet is offering for all his users’ Lucky promotions. Here you can find Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63. In these promotions, you can get double from your bets. With the “Cash Out” option you can be secure that you will win. Ensure your bet before the markets close.

Marathonbet Loyalty Program

From the moment you enter the Loyalty program, all your bets will be awarded Loyalty Points. But those points you can only get if you make qualifying sports bets. Your bet needs to be in the amount of €10 and odds in this bet need to be 1,30 or higher. Once your qualifying bet is closed, you will be awarded points. 

Canceled events will be settled with a fee of 1,00. But if your bets are made with free bets or Cash Out, or closing balance will not bring you loyalty points. 

Some points you can get with your bet will depend on your level in the loyalty program, but you can get 100 points per bet. For example, if you are on the second level, and you make a €20 bet, you will get 2,2 points. For €30 on the second level, you will get 3,2 points

When you get a certain number of points, you can use them for leveling. But you can level only one level, you can jump two levels at one time. Also, with your loyalty points, you can’t get other items, such as money, free bets or the right to participate in some special events in the organization of MarathonBet.

Every user needs to use these points in a certain period because after 11 months these points will disappear. If MarathonBet finds out that someone wants to cheat, they have right t exclude a client from the program. Users can exit from the loyalty program at any time. 

Lucky 15

With this offer, users need to put 15 bets with four different event selections. This bet needs to include 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 triples and 1 combined bet with four selections. If you guess the bet here, your winning will be doubled. If you guess 4 bets from 4 you will get an extra bonus of 10% of the winnings.

Lucky 31

With Lucky 31 users will need to make 31 bets on 5 different event selections and combine 5 individual roles, 10 doubles, 10 triples, 5 quadruples and 1 combined with five selections. To win this bet user will need to guess the selection.

If the user guesses only one selection, he will get doubled profits, and if you guess 5 of 5, then you can expect a 20% bonus. On your balance, you will see received winning, less the amount of that bet. If your winnings are less than the total amount, you will not get the bonus.

Lucky 63

Lucky 63 brings users option to select 6 different event selections and combine 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 quadruples 6 fives and 1 combined with six selections. To win here you need to guess only one choice and your winning will be doubled. In case you win 5 bets from 6 of them, you will get 15% of winnings more. But this type of bet is ideal for players who love a complicated bet.

Cash Out

With this option, you can secure your bet before the market is closed. This will help users to minimize the loss. If you use Cash Out you can finish your bet before the end, at the moment when the result will bring you a victory.

Money from your bet will be on your account after the end of the event. Your bets always need to be on the winner of the event.

  How to register?

Before you make a registration, is important that you are older than 18 years. To use MarathonBet you need to create an account. After you click on the Join Now, the new user will need to fill the registration form with your personal information.

For security reasons, MarathonBet will check its users from time to time. If they find out that you didn’t give the correct information, they can ask you to verify your personal information. In case you don’t send them that information, they will close your account. Once you make a registration, you can make your first deposit and start to bet.

  Sports on MarathonBet

MarathonBet offers bets on all major sports in the betting world, but also users can bet on lotto. Users will be able to find football (LaLiga, Serie A, Nations League, Champions League, etc), basketball (NBA, Euroleague, ABL, NCAA, etc), eSports (LOL, Dota, CS: GO, Rainbow Six, Starcraft, etc), tennis, volleyball, golf and many others.

On MarathonBet users can enjoy the less popular sports such as darts, horse racing, chess, cricket, netball, sumo, table tennis, and many others. For each of those sports, MarathonBet is offering many different options and markets, Users can enjoy in the live betting to, at many sports events.

  Betting odds on MarathonBet

MarathonBet is offering many different betting options. Users can put their bets on different betting markets. One of the most popular markets is betting on the winner of the event, or just betting on the final score. Users can find these bets as simple bets. Here you will need only guess the final result.

But there are many different options and markets, some of them are betting on the half time result, handicap, the number of goals, who will win in the 15 minutes and many others.

  Live betting

All users will find a large number of live events on the MarathonBet. MarathonBet provides to all users separate selection where they can find games currently running live. Users can find sports like football, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, and many others. For each sport, the user can make a bet on different markets. They can bet on the full-time result, half time result, soccer of the goal and many other markets. MarathonBet users can use live streaming for free, but they need to have a positive account balance. In some cases, users can have territorial restrictions.

  Payment methods available on MarathonBet

You can make payments on MarathonBet in several different ways. With credit and debit cards. Some of the other payment methods are visa, maestro, MasterCard, PayPay, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, Paysafecard, Teleingresio, ecoPayz, Jeton Vaucher, and Jeton Wallet.

Almost all those methods have the same amount of money you can deposit and withdraw. With all those methods minimal withdraw and deposit is €5, the only exception is Paysafecard where this amount is €10. Also, with Jeton Vaucher you can’t make a withdraw.

  Mobile app

Every MarathonBet user can access their website by using their smartphones or tablets, or they can download the MarathonBet app. To download this application iOS user will need to visit the App Store, while Android users will need to visit Play Store.

The mobile application is offering everything the same as on the official site. Mobile users can bet in the same way as on the web.

  Top security

MarathonBet collects some of your personal information, such as first name, last name, all necessary information for registration. MarathonBet will use all this information under the Privacy Policy, and all of them will be used for operation on the MarathonBet.

In case you don’t want to share your information with MarathonBet, you can cancel that at any time. But then you will not be able to use some MarathonBet services.

MarathonBet respects your privacy, and they will do their best to keep your personal information secure. They will store your personal data for the necessary period. You have full control of your personal information.

  Customer Support

MarathonBet offers all its users a selection where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Sometimes you will not find the answer here, but you can contact customer support. 

You can contact customers’ support in several ways. You can contact customer support via live chat which is available 24/7 or you can call them on the number 800 099 522. This number is free, but each call will be recorded. You can send an email on the:, while for the all questions related to deposit and withdraw you can send mail on

  General review

At first, MarathonBet will look like a very complete bookmaker. Users will find many sports selections and markets where they can bet on. Also, they have live betting with live streams on some of the events. Live streams are free, only if you have a balance on your account. Users love the fact that MarathonBet is offering mobile applications.

But we can find some flaws too. To get a welcome bonus, you will need to invest a lot of money. It depends on the amount of the first deposit. Also, we can’t see a lot of promotions here. But they have a loyalty program, which is actually a good replacement for the promotions.

All in all, we can say that MarathonBet is one great bookmaker, with some flaws. They have a lot of good things which are enough for users to forget the flaws.


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