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NBA betting odds

Championship outright | NBA
Los Angeles Lakers 1xbet +300
Miami Heat Betway +1600
Boston Celtics 1xbet +1900
Brooklyn Nets 1xbet +2400
Dallas Mavericks Luckia +2500
Houston Rockets 1xbet +3900
Los Angeles Clippers 1xbet +4900
Philadelphia 76ers 1xbet +4900
Phoenix Suns 1xbet +4900
Toronto Raptors 1xbet +4900
Golden State Warriors 1xbet +4900
Portland Trail Blazers Betway +5000
Utah Jazz 1xbet +7400
New Orleans Pelicans 1xbet +7400
Milwaukee Bucks 1xbet +7400
Denver Nuggets 1xbet +7400
Indiana Pacers Betway +10000
Atlanta Hawks Betway +10000
San Antonio Spurs Luckia +15000
Memphis Grizzlies Luckia +15000


NBA or the National Basketall Association is the name for one of the best men’s professional basketball leagues in the world. This league leads also the betting markets. Basketball has a big number of fans and a lot of users interested in NBA betting lines. If you are one of those, get the best NBA odds on Scannerbet.

NBA was founded in New York City on June 6th, 1946. This was the first time when we can hear about this league. In the time of the foundation, this competition received the name of the Basketball Association of America. In 1949. they change the name in the NBA. Merging with the National Basketball League was the main reason why they decide to change the name. Every team from North America can play in the NBA. Right now we can see 30 teams in this league, but 29 of them are from the United States and the one is from Canada.

NBA season will start in October and teams will play until April and every team will play 82 games.

In June they will start to play the playoffs. In the first round of playoffs, clubs are divided into four pairs. Each pair will play matches between them until one of the teams achieves four wins. Teams who reach first victories will qualify for the conference semifinals. For the finals, two teams need to reach four victories. In finals, they will also play until they reach four victories. Winners of conference finals will meet each other in the NBA finals. Finals are played in June and the team who first reaches four victories is the league champion.

NBA tips and betting advices

Before every bet, every user will need to make a preparation. It can sound like a lot of work, but if you are a fan of the NBA you should not have a problem. For NBA we can say that it is one of the best basketball leagues in the world.

In February we can see the traditional All-Star game. Before that game, fans in the SAD will chose the players which will play in the first five players, and coaches will choose who will be replacement players.

One of the most important things in NBA betting is to know which club is the best. In every sport and leagues all around the world, we can see some clubs which are better than the other ones. Now you can choose your favorite club and find all the important information about them.

Before you place a bet, it’s important to know all the important things about your team, because the small change in the team can change the final result. For sure one of the most important factors of every NBA bet is NBA odds. For all NBA bets, you will need to have the best NBA odds. Only like that, you can be secure that you will more money.

You will have a lot of different options and markets where you can make your bet. It’s important to choose the best one and win money. Are you able to guess who will be the winner next season?

How to bet on NBA betting lines?

One of the most important parts of every bet is understanding the NBA odds and the NBA betting lines. All of these things are easy, but at first, this can look intimidating.

NBA betting lines are telling us how many points the team will win or lose. Those points can be positive or negative. Usually, the increments will be by a half-point. For example, if a team is showing -4,5 there is an expectation that they will win by 4,5 points. If it is opposite, +4,5 then there is an expectation that they will lose by 4,5 points.

What are the NBA odds?

Sports bets are a great way to earn some money. And betting on the NBA can be very fun and excited. For betting, you only need basic knowledge of this sport. Basketball is known as one of the most popular sports in the world. Many fans love to enjoy watching this sport. But if you are new in all this world, this can be very confusing. Specifically, if you don’t know a lot of things about NBA odds, NBA betting lines, and many other important things.

Some of the pages will offer you an odds comparison. Which can be a huge help for the new players. For every NBA bet is important to have the best NBA odds. Only like that, you can be sure that you will get the best value for money.

A huge number of games is allowing us to put a bet almost on a daily base. There are many different types of betting. In the same way, as in the other sports, we have better teams, and the less good. For each of them, we will have different NBA odds.

It is always advisable to find a balance between the benefits that we will obtain and the possibilities of getting it right.

The most popular bets in the NBA

Fans all around the world love to bet on the popular NBA teams. For sure some of the most popular teams in the NBA are Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtic, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and many others. Fans can enjoy in many different NBA betting options and different betting odds.

One of the most popular bets in the NBA are bets point spread, total or over/under, Moneyline, first half and the second half.

What is the over-under in the NBA?

A total bet is known as the bet Over or Under. Here we can find a combined score of both teams in the one match. With this bet users will need to decide will the total number of points scored from both teams will be higher or lower than the total set. Also, have in mind that in this bet overtime is included.

For example, if you bet on Over and you see a total of 198,5 points, you need to expect at least 199 points or more. And if you bet Under, then you will expect less then a 198 points.


For Pointspread we can say that this is the most common bet when we are speaking about NBA odds. By many fans, this bet is also known as the spread. We can say that this bet is a part of NBA betting lines. Fans will put bets on the teams which are expected to win or expected to lose. If the lines are negative, that means that the team will win in this match and the opposite.

As we mention, if we have negative betting line -7,5. This team is favorite in that game, but this team needs to win by at least eight points. For a positive betting line, we need to have in mind that that team will probably lose, and you can expect that they will be defeated by at least 7,5 points. In case that we have even number, the favorite winning by a certain number or losing by the same even number would be graded by a push and all bets would be refunded.


With this way of betting, you can simply bet on the team that will win directly, not on a specific amount. These bets are commonly used in baseball and hockey. Those bets are very attractive because of their big payouts compared to the point difference bets.

Here you will have to pay attention to the fees. A high value informs us that the profits we will obtain will be high. However, that team will have little chance of winning. When the odds are low, we will have more options to hit, but the benefits will be less. It is always advisable to find a balance between the benefits you will get and the chances of getting it right.

This is one of the options most chosen by users, to bet on the winner of the match. If you are clear about which team will win, do not hesitate. Choose the game operator with the highest odds and place your bet.

Bets in every quarter of time

This type of bet is equal to the point difference and the total or above and below. The only difference is that you are betting on the outcome of each of the four parts that take place during the basketball game. In case you make your move for the last quarter, keep in mind that those bets include overtime in case of ties.

NBA Odds comparison

Whichever market you choose, before making a decision, it is essential to compare the odds. Thanks to Scannerbet, you can quickly check which online gaming operator offers you the best odds. On our website we show you a comparison so you can always enjoy the highest odds. Be smart and take advantage of our odds comparison service. Before placing your NBA bet, compare first.

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