NFL Betting odds

Championship outright | NFL
Carolina Panthers 1xbet +20000
San Francisco 49ers 1xbet +20000
Dallas Cowboys 1xbet +20000
Los Angeles Chargers 1xbet +25000
Minnesota Vikings 1xbet +30000
Detroit Lions 1xbet +30000
Miami Dolphins 1xbet +30000
Houston Texans 1xbet +50000
Las Vegas Raiders 1xbet +50000
Chicago Bears 1xbet +50000
Arizona Cardinals 1xbet +50000
Philadelphia Eagles 1xbet +50000
New England Patriots 1xbet +50000
New York Giants 1xbet +99900
Cincinnati Bengals 1xbet +99900
Jacksonville Jaguars 1xbet +99900
Denver Broncos 1xbet +99900
Kansas City Chiefs 1xbet +99900
Los Angeles Rams 1xbet +99900
Atlanta Falcons 1xbet +99900
Superbowl winner | NFL
Kansas City Chiefs Interwetten +450
Baltimore Ravens Interwetten +600
Seattle Seahawks Interwetten +775
Pittsburgh Steelers Interwetten +1000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Interwetten +1200
Green Bay Packers Interwetten +1200
New Orleans Saints Interwetten +1300
Tennessee Titans Interwetten +1600
Buffalo Bills Interwetten +1800
Los Angeles Rams Interwetten +2100
Indianapolis Colts Interwetten +2900
Chicago Bears Interwetten +3200
San Francisco 49ers Interwetten +3400
New England Patriots Interwetten +3600
Las Vegas Raiders Interwetten +4200
Dallas Cowboys Interwetten +4200
Cleveland Browns Interwetten +4200
Arizona Cardinals Interwetten +4200
Philadelphia Eagles Interwetten +7400
Miami Dolphins Interwetten +10900
Division Winner | NFL
Kansas City Chiefs Interwetten -667
Green Bay Packers Bet365 -189
Seattle Seahawks Bet365 -175
Baltimore Ravens Luckia -145
Dallas Cowboys Luckia -120
Buffalo Bills Luckia -100
New Orleans Saints Luckia +110
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Luckia +150
Pittsburgh Steelers Luckia +160
Tennessee Titans ComeOn +160
Philadelphia Eagles Betway +175
Chicago Bears Luckia +210
Indianapolis Colts Bet365 +220
New England Patriots Bet365 +260
Los Angeles Rams Luckia +375
Las Vegas Raiders Interwetten +575
San Francisco 49ers Luckia +850
Arizona Cardinals Luckia +850
Miami Dolphins Luckia +850
Washington Redskins Sportium +1200
Conference Winner | NFL
Kansas City Chiefs Interwetten +250
Baltimore Ravens Interwetten +310
Seattle Seahawks Interwetten +340
New Orleans Saints Interwetten +575
Green Bay Packers Betway +600
Pittsburgh Steelers Interwetten +750
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Interwetten +800
Tennessee Titans Betway +900
Los Angeles Rams Interwetten +1000
Buffalo Bills Interwetten +1100
Indianapolis Colts Interwetten +1600
New England Patriots Interwetten +1800
San Francisco 49ers Interwetten +2000
Chicago Bears Interwetten +2000
Arizona Cardinals Interwetten +2000
Dallas Cowboys Bethard +2000
Cleveland Browns Interwetten +2200
Las Vegas Raiders Interwetten +2700
Philadelphia Eagles Interwetten +3200
Carolina Panthers Interwetten +4600

NFL or National Football League

The NFL or National Football League is a professional American football league. It consists of 32 teams, equally divided between the NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference). This league is among the four major professional sports leagues in North America.

It is the highest level of American football in the world and wealthiest professional sports league by revenue, with most valuable teams. It’s beginning was in 1920, as APFA (American Professional Football Association) before getting a name change two seasons after. Over time, they implemented the playoff system and managed to get the highest average attendance of any professional sports league in the world.

NFL betting odds

With competition rising in popularity, the inspiration for bets didn’t stay behind. There are numerous bets for this competition, from the winner of the match or winner of the tournament, to live and proposition bets.

NFL Futures is a long-term bet which is very similar to the winner of the Super Bowl, AFC or the particular division. Each team will get their strength and odds valued to get the price. For example, you can see the Kansas City Chiefs being +600 favourites to win the Super Bowl – and for example, Washington Redskins as +10000 outsiders. The + symbol at the beginning of the set of odds informs you about the profit you can get from $100 bet. If you place $100 on Kansas, you could earn $600 and $10000 if you bet on Washington. The NFL odds will change as the season develops.

NFL Points Spread is the most popular bet on football. The NFL odds compilers will give a handicap to the apparently stronger team to even out the match. So, for example, you could be able to see the Saints as favourites in the football spreads. That means you can either bet on the New Orleans -6.5 or Atlanta +6.5. The NFL odd lines on every outcome could be then -110 or -105, depending on the betting house.

For example, you bet on Saints and they need to win by 7 points or more for your wager to pay off. If you bet on Falcons, you would make a profit if they wither win or lose by no more than 6 points. This kind of NFL betting offers a smaller profit than Moneyline but gives secure results.

Other bets

NFL Totals are another very popular betting line, where you are not required o predict which team will win or cover the point spread – instead, you have to determine whether it will be a high-scoring or low-scoring game. The NFL odds for this will set a total points line, where you can bet in over/under the system.

It can also be referred to as over/under NFL wager. The result is made by combining the home team’s score and the away team’s score. It is similar to point-spread, where NFL totals lines will change in a build-up match, depending on the popularity of every option among bettors. If the majority choose over, the total points line will increase to 49.5 or 50.5.

Prop Bets are also very popular but they don’t necessarily relate to the final result. This could represent wagers like on how many yards will QB throw, whether will there be a safety in the game or similar. Prop NFL betting has many different options, which depend on the game and ongoing instances connected to it.

NFL odds

Before betting on the NFL it is convenient to stop and look at the odds offered by each gaming operator. It is important to know how to interpret the value of the odds since they offer us very valuable information. To begin with, we will be able to know how much money we will get with our bet if we are successful. In addition, the value of the fees will also indicate the probabilities of success. When we see that the odds are high, they indicate that the chances of hitting will be low but the profits will be high. Otherwise, if the value of the odds is low, we will have many options to get the prediction right. Although the benefit that we will obtain will be less.

NFL odds comparison

There are few things in NFL betting you need to pay special attention to; odds, prediction and betting house. A good prediction is always the important start but it won’t mean much if you didn’t catch good NFL odds. The offer in odds depends on the bookmaker and the time you place your wager.

NFL odds can be very different when comparing two betting houses. Make sure you do your research before settling your bet. On Scannerbet, you will easily see the offer from every quality bookmaker. Right when you open a match of your interest, you will see the offer. This way, you can immediately see which one points out the most. You can immediately focus on the market of your interest.

Some betting houses will also offer bonuses and promotions. Those can help you to earn more money or get free bets. There might also be similar promotions that can help you to earn more, place a bet or secure the bet. However, be careful while getting involved as some of them have impossible wagering requirements. Before you take any bonus, read the terms and conditions of the same bonus or promotion.

Playing format

From 1920 to 1934, they didn’t set a number of games to play but they only had a required minimum. However, the league-mandated a 12-game regular season which had its start in 1935. They soon shortened it to fewer games, mainly because of World War II.

Over time, they changed the numbers a few times which ended at the 16-game schedule in 1978. There were some proposals for 18 games, but those were rejected in labour negotiations with NFLPA (National Football League Players Association). They later divided into four-team divisions and four-division champions would meet in NFL playoffs (a two round-play-off).

NFL also operated the Playoff Bowl from 1960 to 1969. However, the league was discontinued because of its perception as a game for losers. Today, the NFL consists of 32 teams with four divisions in each conference, with 14 playoff teams.


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