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Marathonbet bonus, offers and promotions

If you are not yet a member, you can enjoy the MarathonBet bonus. Although this game operator not only offers a welcome bonus. For those users who are already members, Marathonbet has several offers and promotions that will increase your earnings.

Its strong point is sports betting. In fact it is affiliated as a sponsor of football teams as well as other sports. But you can also find casino, roulette and slot games in its offer. And even Baccarat and Blackjack.

Marathonbet welcome bonus

New Marathonbet members will receive a welcome bonus. To do this, they will have to complete the steps to become users of the bookmaker. The bonus is received in the form of free bets. And it will only be valid for sports betting. New MarathonBet users will receive 50% of the amount entered as a first deposit. The minimum amount for that first deposit is € 10. You can receive up to a maximum of € 30 to enjoy your favorite sports bets.

How to get the Marathonbet bonus?

The Marathonbet bonus can be obtained in a very simple way. To request it, you will have to enter the promotional code WELCOME. This must be done at the time of making your first deposit. With the bonus, you will get an additional 50% of the first deposit. Although the maximum amount of the bonus is € 30. Therefore, in case you make a first deposit of € 10, you will get a bonus of € 5. To get the maximum bonus of € 30, you will have to make an income of more than € 60.

Conditions of the Marathonbet Bonus

First of all, you have to be of legal age to enjoy the welcome bonus offered by Marathonbet. Once you have completed the registration process, you will need to make a first deposit into your account. This deposit will have to be a minimum of € 10. When making your first deposit, you will have to enter the WELCOME code to activate the promotion. The bonus you will receive will be 50% of your first income. And the maximum amount you can receive for this bonus is € 30. To get this amount, your first deposit must be over € 60.

Only then can you get the maximum bonus.

How to release the Marathonbet Bonus

One of the requirements to release the bonus, you will have to make a number of bets. It will be necessary to bet the amount deposited plus the bonus five times. You must place these 5 wagers on bets with a minimum odds of 1.8. And to complete them, you will have a total of 30 days from the date of registration. In this way, you can transform the bonus into real money.

In case your first deposit is € 10, you must play a total of € 75 (€ 10 + € 5 multiplied by five) within one month. Thereby, you can transform the € 5 of the bonus into real money. And next step, you can withdraw your winnings.

For those who choose to enter € 60 and get the maximum bonus of € 30, they must place bets worth € 450.

Please note that for the bonus release the minimum wagering odds must be 1.80. Once you have completed all 5 bets within 30 days, you can proceed to withdraw your winnings.

Other promotions and Marathonbet offers

As mentioned above, Marathonbet offers other promotions for the loyal users. All those who are already members of this game operator also enjoy exclusive promotions. As is the case with the special promotions for Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63. With these three promotions, you will get a greater benefit. And therefore, your earnings will be higher. To access this offer, you can do it through the mobile application or the website.

In addition to these three promotions, Marathonbet rewards its most loyal users with different draws. From winning official shirts to trips to important events or football games. All this thanks to its collaboration with different international football clubs.

Lucky 15

This offer consists of 15 bets in which 4 different event selections combine 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 triples and 1 combined with four selections. But that doesn’t mean you have to balance them all. Just hit the option to make money in all ratios of successful wagers.

If you hit a bet here, your winnings will double. If you have 4 winning bets out of a total of 4, you will receive a Marathonbet bonus of 10% of the winnings, taking into account the winnings received from the wager, minus the amount of the specified sweepstake.

Lucky 31

The number 31 implies 31 wagers spanning 5 different event selections and combining 5 individual roles, 10 doubles, 10 triples, 5 quadruples and 1 combined with five selections. If you want to make a profit you need to match the selection.

Winning only one selection will double your profits. If you win 5 of 5 stakes, a 20% bonus will be added to the winning portion of the bet. This takes into account the winnings received from the winner, less the amount of that bet. If the amount of winnings with 4 winners is less than the total amount, bonuses will not be applied.

Lucky 63

In this case, 63 bets include 6 different event selections and combine 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 quadruples, 6 fives and 1 combined with six selections. Winning promotion will only require one choice. If you win only one choice your winnings will double.

With 6 winning bets out of 6, a 25% bonus on the winnings will be awarded to the winner. But if you win 5 bets out of 6 of them, a 15% winnings are added to the winnings in the stake by the winner.

Cash out

Some bets give you the option of being able to complete and close it before the event or match ends. This possibility helps you minimize losses and secure your profits before the market closes. But keep in mind that not all events offer you this possibility and that bets must always be on the winner of the event.

As soon as the event is over, you will receive the winnings of the bet in your account.


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