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Betsson review

  betsson Pros

  • Wide offer in sport betting
  • Live Streaming
  • Excellent customer support
  • Very intuitive web

  betsson Cons

  • We miss a Mobile App

For Betsson, we can say that they are proof that the Swedes do not only know how to make furniture. Looking back in history, this bookmaker has a long history, since 1963, but nowadays this bookmaker got a huge success when they launched the entire online gaming sector in 2006.

Betsson begins his journey to Spain in 2018. When we mention Betsson, we need to consider that we are talking about a bookmaker with extensive experience. Not only does Betsson have a wealth of experience, but also customers can enjoy their services in many countries.

Their years of experience in the online gaming industry guarantees security for all users of this bookmaker. Betsson is owned by Premiere Megaplex SA, but as they develop, we can see that they are following steps from other bookmakers that work extremely well. Currently, they have all the necessary authorizations from the Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling to ensure transparency, security, and reliability.

In all of these benefits can be enjoyed by customers from different countries in Europe, America, and Asia.

Web usability 4.0

Welcome bonus 4.0

Customer service 4.0

Odds quality 5.0

  Why people choose Betsson?

What Betsson has to offer us? First of all sports betting, but that’s not all. In addition to sports betting, users can also enjoy the online casino, which offers a large number of games. Also, every new user will get welcome bonuses, where you can get 100% money back.

Betsson will not only offer you sports bets, but you can bet on all kinds of shows and events. And it will also allow you to win many cash prizes with your bets. Certainly, some of the major sports categories users love are football (Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga, etc.), basketball, tennis and many others. Also for all eSports fans, Betsson will allow you to bet on this part. And for all fans of less popular sports, here you can find chess, badminton, baseball, cycling, and many other sports, Betsson allows you to bet on this part too.

Besides, Betsson provides you with excellent customer support. If you have a problem, this will be resolved as soon as possible. All in all, you can put a bet on Betsson in an easy way, every step is explained in the easiest way.

  Betsson Welcome Bonus

After the registration, the new user has a chance to get a welcome bonus. Every new user can get a 100% bonus of their first deposit. The minimum amount of the first deposit is €10. For €10 of the first deposit, you will get another €10. This offer can go up to €100. But be aware that for a bonus of €100 you will need to make a deposit of €100.

Every user who makes a registration on Betsson, and verify his account in seven days until registration will get additional €25, as a welcome bonus. But only €5 can be used on bets, while the other €20 can be used at the casino.

  Bonus conditions

A first deposit needs to be done in the first 30 days since registration. After you make your deposit, the bonus will be automatically added to your account. Every user who wants to transform the bonus into the real money needs to bet at least 10 times on the bonus money in a period of 30 days. After this time bonus money will disappear.

Also, in single or in combined bets the minimum betting quota must be the same or bigger than 2.00. and combined bets need to include at last one bet where you have odds equal or bigger than 1,80.

**After you got the bonus, first you will play with your real money, and later with money from a bonus**. The bonus and potential winnings will be canceled at the moment when the user requests the withdraw. Also, the welcome bonus can be combined with other Betsson promotions, the only exception is Supercuota promotions. But they will always have precedence over other promotions.

Bonus money winnings can only be 5 times more than the bonus amount. If you get a bonus of €100, you can get a maximum of €500 in games where you use a welcome bonus.

Every user can get the welcome bonus just once. In case, that someone wants to cheat, Betsson has the right to block the access to a certain user or to cancel the bonus.

  Additional bonuses and promotions

Betsson is offering the Betsson Points program. Every time you play with real money you can get points. For every €10 you spend in slot machines, video bingo, sports bets, you will get 1 point. The only exception is other casino games, here you can expect 1 point for every €50.

For 100 Betsson points, you can use of €1 bonus, you can decide on what you want to spend this bonus. While for every combined bet where you have at last 5 selections with odds equal or bigger than 1,20 automatically you can see that your prize will be bigger. This can go to 100%. More selections, better improvements you get.

For example, for 5 selections you will get 5% of improvements, while for the 27 or more selections you will get 100% of improvements. When you make your selection, you can see how much extra money you will get. Here you can bet as much you want, improvements apply automatically to all bets.


Betsson5 is a game where you can try to guess will some team scores a goal in the next five minutes. If the team scores a goal, you will win. To put a bet, you need to choose on which event you want to bet, push the button, and wait the next five minutes to see if you win. If you bet on 1€, for your bet you will get 5€.

Betsson5 is only available in seven football competitions, Champions League, UEFA Europa League, La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, UEFA Nations League.

  How to register?

New Betsson users just need to open the page and click on the green button that says, Register. After you click the Register button, a registration form will appear and you will need to fill in your details.

Before you start using the site, your information must be verified, this gives you security when you using this site. Also, one of the important things is to enter the correct email address. Your email address will be required to send you important information.

  Sports on Betsson

Every Betsson user can enjoy a wide range of sports. Whether you are a fan of some of the popular sports or even of the less popular ones. Certainly, the most popular ones are basketball, football, handball, tennis. These sports offer many opportunities, for example, basketball fans can bet on EuroCup, EuroLeague, NBA, NFL. While football fans can bet on Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey, and many others.

Also for all fans of eSports bets, on Betsson, you will find a wide selection of tournaments in Dota2, League of Legends, Counter Stike: GO, Rainbow Six. And for the fans of less popular sports, for them, Betsson offers a variety of sports, from chess, badminton, boxing, darts, F1, golf, water polo and more.

Betsson offers many different markets with many different options, which users can use. Customers can also try their hand at live betting at many sports events. Live betting offers you different options, such as match betting, double chances, different handicaps, number of goals in a match, both teams scores a goal. And many other options available to all Betsson users.

  Betting odds

Betsson offers you different betting options, and first of all, it’s a simple bet. To win a bet, users have to guess the end result. In this case, the gain is calculated by multiplying the fee by the number of earnings earned.

Users can also choose a combination of bets, but with these bets it users need to have in mind that all predictions need to be right if they want to win.

With system bet, users can make a bet with three or more results. The main difference between system bets and combination of bets is the fact that in system bet you can win even if you don’t guess all results.

There are many other types of bets like live betting, conditional bet or HOT bets. Betsson is offering HOT bets. HOT bets are bets that will occur in the next few hours.

  Live betting on Betsson

Live betting on Betsson is offering you many live events where you can put your bet. Users can bet on sports like football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, table tennis. While for the eSports fans, Betsson also offers live betting on this category.

Also, users can bet on sports that are not so popular, like hockey, badminton, billiard, cricket, and others. Betting in this part is very simple, you need to decide on which sport you want to bet and you need to decide which type of bet you want to make. For example, you can bet on the winner, or that both teams will score the goal, or who will score the goal, many different options are available. And for some events, you will have a video, where you can watch a certain live event.

Now, it’s time to decide about the amount of money you want to invest in. Betsson will offer you the € 1, € 5 and € 10, but you can decide to put more money on your bet. Also, users can watch some sports events live. If you want to know if some event has a video, you have an option where you can choose "with video".

The live betting selection offers many different selections like event view, the general panel where users can see all events. Also here is a general view, here you can see all events that are live right now, in the same way as results, statistics or calendar of events.

Live betting on Betsson is offering you to create your own favorite list of live events. Like this, all favorite events will be in one place, and you can access them at any time.

  Payment methods available on Betsson

On Betsson, users can find many different payment options. In this way, here we find credit card, PayPal, Skrill, wire transfer, Paysafe card. The good thing every customer needs to know is that the minimum deposit is € 5, less than that amount you cannot deposit into your account.

Also, if you make your deposit bay PayPay or Skrill, your PayPal or Skrill account will be linked to the Betsson. And you can’t unlink it. If you want to make withdraw money, it will be always made on the linked PayPal or Skrill.

Also, when you are making a deposit you must keep in mind that most transfers have a limit that you cannot exceed. So in all deposits of money, the maximum is € 600, while for bank transfers this amount is € 3000. But in that case, you have to wait for the bank to process that payment. If you reach the limit, you will no longer be able to make payments until next month.

  Betsson Mobile Access

Betsson is giving all his users access to the main site through their phones and tablets. If you access the site via your phone, you will have the same options as users who access the site via their PC.

  Top Security

Betsson collects some of your information such as first name, last name, address, age, various bank details, various identification documents.

Betsson uses only your information under the Privacy Policy. All this information is used for the operation on Betsson. This information’s are also used for the registration process. Betsson respects your privacy, and they do their best to keep your information secure. Your information is not passed on to a third party. After deactivating your account, Betsson holds your information long enough to comply with the law.

You can also request data about your stored personal information at any time, as well as the reason for the storage. This allows you to correct your information, even delete your personal information.

  Customer Support

If you at any point feel lost on Betsson, or you just have a problem you don’t know how to solve it. Betsson offers you a section where you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Also, if you cannot find the answer to your question, there is customer support.

In the support selection, you can ask call, someone will call in 15-60 minutes. Also, you can contact customer support via e-mail: There is an active chat for all other users, in this case, expect the answer in 30 seconds.


Betsson is a very interesting bookmaker. The only problem for some users can be the fact that here you will not find horse racing bets. But they offer markets that few bookmakers offer.

One of the reasons why many users love Betsson is their odds. Which are slightly different from other houses. That means that they will have better odds than the competition in some of the categories. And the other is, of course, the variety of options you can bet on.

Also, their live selection offers many different possibilities to make a bet. Here you have the option to make your own customized page with your favorite events. These users will have all their favorite bets in one place.

All mobile users can access the official website through their mobile phones. Generally, Betsson offers a large number of bets with different promotions and bonuses.


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