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Rushbet review

  rushbet Pros

  • Live Streaming
  • More than 500 options to bet on
  • Loyatly program
  • Bonus store and bonus bank

  rushbet Cons

  • No Mobile App

In recent years the betting industry in Colombia is growing. For sure this is the main reason for this expansion is Rushbet. They use many tricks from their European counterparts. But every day they want to become even better. So far, Rushbet makes a huge job with mixing European styles with their creativity.

The first time when they entered the Colombia online betting market was at the beginning of the World Cup in Russia which was played in 2018. Since that time they are putting a lot of effort to become the main Colombian betting house.

Rush Street Interactive developed this bookmaker for the Colombian market. This site is simple to operate and they are focused on the Colombian customer. Rush Street Interactive Colombia SAS is connected with Rush Street Gaming. This is one of the main companies in the fortune sector in North America

Web usability 5.0

Welcome bonus 4.0

Customer service 4.0

Odds quality 5.0

  Why people choose Rushbet?

As we already mention, Rushbet make a huge job of mixing the European betting styles with their own creativity. Users can enjoy many sports events. Rushbet is offering some of the most popular sports, but also some of the less popular sports. But users can find more selections, like in-play betting and many others.

During the betting, you can choose between different bet types. In one of the normal matches, you can find more than 500 different bets. Also, users can enjoy some of the best odds on the market in the country. Every Rushbet user can access to the site over their phone. Unfortunately, they don’t have a mobile application.

Rushbet is also giving you a chance to enjoy live betting, and every new user has a chance to get a welcome bonus. With a welcome bonus, Rushbet is offering more promotions for its users. With various forms of payment, and their customer supports they will make things much easier for their users.

  Rushbet Welcome bonus

On Rushbet every new user has a chance to win a welcome bonus. You can get the bonus in the amount of $ 40,000 pesos. To get this welcome bonus you will need to register on the site. Once you make a registration you will need to make a first deposit and add the code.

  Bonus conditions

This bonus is only valid for new users. You will not be able to transfer this bonus to another person. The maximum bonus you can get is $ 40,000 pesos. This bonus is valid for all forms of payment, excluding PTM.

In case that you make a deposit by GRUPO EXITO, PUNTORED, MOVII or RAPPI, you will first need to make a deposit and then enter the code. You will have 48h after you make a deposit to redeem it. Also, you will need to bet the amount of the Bonus 10 times.

In case that Rushbet sees some unusual behavior, they have a right to cancel or not deliver this bonus. When the bonus is active, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus, until you don’t meet all the conditions.

  Additional bonuses and promotions

On the Rushbet users can enjoy their loyalty program. Every time you make a bet, no matter if that is in casino or sport you will earn points that can be later transferred in the prizes and benefits. From time to time, they will add some promotions, so for that reason, it’s important to check the list of their promotions.

Loyalty program

Every time when you make a bet on Rushbet you will earn points and later you can enjoy different prizes and benefits. As you earn points your loyalty level will grow. What is more important your bonuses and promotions are cumulative. So if you are Loyalty level 8, all promotions and bonuses from the 1 to 7 level correspond to you.

If you want to stay on a high level, you will need to continue betting at the same rate as you have. Once a day Loyalty points will be deducted, and all that based on the number of points you earn in the last 31-60 days.

For example, if you in the period of 31 to 60 days earn 300 points, on one day you will lose 10 points. All that because they will 300 points divided by 30, and the final result is 10. Have in mind that you will be able to purchase in the bonus store with your accumulated points. They will be available until you decide to spend them. And you can’t earn betting points with betting with your bonus money.

Bonus store

In the Bonus store, you can exchange your points for free bets, bonuses, lucky spins, scratch cards, and the invitations to the Bonus Bingo. If some of the items are gray or black or you didn’t reach a certain level of loyalty.

If you are buying the bonuses with your points, you will need to go into the My Account, and in the drop-down menu, you need to choose Bonus store. You can see how many points you have and you can choose the bond you want to buy.

Bonus bank

Many times you can get some bonus that you can’t activate because you have another one. But with Bonus bank, you will be able to save them, and use them whenever you want. To go to the Bonus bank you will need to go into the my account and then in the my bonuses. You can select the bonus and amount you want to charge to your account. Once you do that you will be able to see your bonus active.

  How to register?

Before registration, have in mind that you will need to be in the legal age. Also, one user can have only one account. Now you can make a registration. When you are making a registration, you will need to insert your username and password. Also, you will need to insert your email address.

After you make a registration, you will need to verify your account. You can do that with your ID. Also, you are responsible for any unauthorized use of your account. Be careful with your information, and don’t give your login information to anyone.

  Sports on Rushbet

On Rushbet users can find many different sports they can bet on. For sure the main priority has soccer, but also, tennis, basketball, NHL and many other sports are popular too. But with the most popular sports, users can enjoy the less popular sports too, boxing, darts, golf, baseball, cycling, and many other sports are available on Rushbet. Also, we need to mention the eSports. Every day this sport is becoming more and more popular.

  Betting odds

On Rushbet, you can find many different betting options. Many users love to bet on the final score of the match, or on the winner of the tournament. However, every user can enjoy in the Pre-match bets, simple bets, combined bets, system bets, and many others. But for the live betting lovers, they can enjoy live bets.

  Live betting

On the Rushbet users can enjoy the live betting on a huge number of sports events. For sure they will find here the most important sports events. Every game will not give the same betting options, everything will depend on the popularity of sport you want to bet. The popular sport will bring more interest to the users.

Once you chose one live event, you will be able to choose between different betting markets. Also, you will be able to enjoy the live broadcasts, but you will need to log in if you want to use that. You will be able to find the most important parts of a certain match like cards, score, and other important parts of the match. If you want to know the statistic then you can find it in the live betting selection.

  Payment methods available on Rushbet

On Rushbet users can make a deposit and withdraw in many different ways. The minimum amount of money you can deposit is $ 500 pesos, and the maximum amount of money you can deposit is $ 9,999,999 pesos. You can make a deposit with Visa, MasterCard Credit, Debit Card, PSE Bank Debit, Locals, Via Baloto, RAPPI, Movii App, and MoviiRed Points, Grupo Éxito, and many others.

If you want to make a withdrawal on Rushbet, the minimum amount you can withdraw is $ 500 pesos, and the maximum withdraw is $ 99,999,999. You can make withdraw in many ways: Grupo Éxito, PTM / Redy, Puntored, Rushbet premises, RAPPI, Wire transfer and they are expecting some other ways of withdrawing

  Mobile App

Unfortunately, on Rushbet users will not find the mobile application for their mobile phones. But they can access the site over the web. You will have access to everything on the site, even if you are opening the site over your phone.

  Top Security

Rushbet is putting a lot of effort into the safety of its users. With all the necessary licenses for the operating, you can be secure that they will use your information only for their purpose. They are taking care that every user is older than 18, only like that you can access to the site.

Rushbet will need some of your personal information like name, surname, mobile phone, email address, address, and other important information. But they are gathering all this information for their own purpose. In case you have some problem with your personal information, you can always check the Privacy Policy, or you can contact them over their customer support.

  Customer Service

In case you have some problem with your account, or you don’t know how to use this site. You can find answers to the most common questions in the separate section. In case you can’t find the answer to your question you can always contact their customer support. There is a couple of ways how you can contact them.

Also, you can contact them over the e-mail. They are offering a direct link to the contact form where you will need to insert email, affair, description. And you can add an attachment. If you don’t want to wait for a long time you can contact them over Live chat support.


For this bookmaker, we can say that they are offering you everything you need in one place. You will not be able to download their mobile application because they don’t offer an application. But still, you can access the site over your phone. That’s why this is not such a problem.

They are offering live betting selection, with many different options, many sports events. Users can enjoy some of the most popular sports in the world, but also in the less popular sports. Also, eSports lovers can be happy, because here they will find some of the most important events in the gaming world.

One of the problems for some users can be the fact that they are not offering so many ways to contact the customer support. But still, they are offering the selection with the most frequently asked questions where you can find the answer almost on anything. If you don’t find the answer to your question you can contact them over the live chat, or email contact form.

They have a loyalty program that brings a lot of promotions and bonuses. Also, every new user will get a welcome bonus. Which is a good thing for the beginning of the playing. All in all, we can say that this bookmaker is offering you everything you need in one place. They are not offering some small things, but this will not have any effect on the playing.


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