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Codere bonus, offers and promotions

Codere bonus attracts many new faces with a generous offer of € 200 for all new arrivals. However, their offer doesn’t stop there as they have numerous promotions for their faithful users. Despite the promotions constantly changes, they usually consist of free bets. In some cases, you can even get a free bet when you lose in a certain bet.

Codere Welcome Bonus

Codere Welcome Bonus is available to all new users who are 18 years of age or older. It has to be your first time registering on the page and you will have to make your first deposit to get this Codere bonus.

After you make your first deposit, you will receive 200% of the deposit amount on top of the real money balance. The maximum limit for this bonus is € 200. So, to get the most out of this bonus you should deposit € 100. The bonus is received in free bets.


codere bonus

codere bonus

How to get the Codere bonus?

In order to get the Codere bonus, you need to register on the page. To do so, find the blue ‘Sign up‘ button in the right upper corner of the website. When you click on that button, the form will appear which needs to be filled with your personal and contact information and user data. Create the username and password.

After you verify your account, you are ready to make your first deposit. Now, this step is very important as the amount of the first deposit determines the amount of your bonus. For example, if you decide to put 20 into the game, your added bonus will be € 40. Most of the bonus you can acquire is 200 and for that, you need to deposit € 100.

Conditions of the Codere bonus

The welcome bonus is only available for the residents of Spain who are 18 years or older. The minimum amount you need to deposit to get the bonus is 20. Once you have received the Codere bonus, you have 60 days to complete the offer (from the first deposit). In order to obtain the bonus, you need to play 200% of the amount you deposited, at a minimum quota of 1.5.

It means that, if you deposited € 45 and got € 90 bonus, you need to spend the total amount in order to acquire the Codere bonus of € 45. The important thing is not to make any requests for payment before you finish the bonus. If you do so, the bonus will become invalidated.

After you fulfill the conditions to obtain the bonus, you will get € 10 free bets in the value of your bonus. In case your bonus is not multiple to 10, the amount will be rounded up. Codere is keeping all the rights to cancel a Codere bonus.

For instance, if you place a bet on both sides reducing your chance to lose to 0, you will lose your rights to get the bonus.

Free bets conditions

Freebets have to be used under specific terms and conditions of Codere. You can’t use them on greyhound or horse races. The freebets can be used only for bets with odds equal to 1.0 or higher. Therefore, once you get the bonus, you have 30 days to use it. All unused bets will be eliminated after 30 days.

If you win with a free bet, you will receive only the net winning which derived from the bet. It means that the winning amount you played with a free bet will be diminished by € 10. If the event or a match you bet on gets cancelled, you will not get a refund or another free bet.

Other promotions of Codere

Besides the welcome bonus, there are numerous other offers for faithful users, which mostly come in the free bet form. Promotions usually come specifically for each sport so you will see offers for tennis, football or AeroFootball.

AeroFootball bonus

AeroFootball is a new sport which is exclusively created by Codere. The game is a one on one match on a closed surface. Players need to throw the disc with their foot, aiming at the walls in front of them. Each match lasts two minutes. If there is still no winner after 2 minutes, 30 seconds will be added until one of the players wins.

The goal in the centre is worth 3 points and a goal to the side is worth 1 point. If a player scores 3 goals in a row without receiving any goals, he will get the ULTRAHIT – which is 10 points. In case the player puts his foot in a goal, will be also considered as a goal.

Every user can participate in this offer only once and it can be combined with a welcome bonus. To obtain the free bet, register in Codere with the promotional code which will be preloaded in the registration form. If you predict the forecast, you will get the 10 free bet. You can expect a bet in a period of 3 working days from the announcement of the resolution. You will see it on Codere social network, their official page and you can even get it over email or SMS.

The golden racket promotion

In this promotion, you can get € 10 in free bets. To do this, you just have to invite a friend. Send your personal code to a friend through social networks or WhatsApp. By registering with your code, you will both receive € 10 in free bets.

In addition, to complete and enjoy the promotion, the person you invite will have to register. But you will also need to make a minimum deposit of € 10. Further, you must bet the same amount on bets with minimum odds of 1.5.

Bet refund

On some occasions, you can get a refund for your lost bets. If you make a bet on football (accumulated, pre-split or live) with at least 4 lines and lose, you can get a refund. However, you have to fail only for one result. The refund can go up to 30 and will come in the form of a free bet. The minimum amount to qualify for the promotion is € 5 and the minimum quota is 1.5. You can find all the details about each bet in terms and conditions (the button under each bet in the ‘promotions’ section).

Improve your reward

Those users who are already members of Codere have the possibility to increase their benefits with this promotion. Your benefits will increase with your accumulated bets with more than 3 selections. Get 5% to 20% improvements with automatic upgrades. The percentage of automatic enhancers will increase as you make more selections in your bet. For instance, with 3 picks, you get a 5%, and a 20% with 11 picks.

This promotion is available for your sports betting. However, you can’t use the automatic upgrade for your greyhound and horse racing bets.

Free bets cannot be used in this promotion. But you can bet as many times as you want. Above all, there is no limit.



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