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Luckia bonus, offers and promotions

Luckia bonus is available for new users and registered users. The sports betting house awarded as “The best operator in Spanish Market” offers rewards every week. These rewards are mostly for combined bets. But these two are only two examples about the bonus offered by this bookmaker. Let’s see what they have to offer for new and registered members.

Luckia Welcome Bonus

Every new Luckia user will get a welcome bonus. To obtain those bonuses, you firstly need to register and make your first deposit. The welcome bonus can go up to € 200 in free bets and it consists of two different promotions. One important thing is to choose the “Bet welcome bonus” option when making your deposit. In case someone wants to cheat, Luckia has a right to check or cancel the Luckia bonus.


luckia bonus 200

luckia bonus 200

How to get Luckia bonus?

After the registration, every new user can get a welcome bonus. But this bonus will be in two parts. In the first part, the user can get €100 from the first deposit. On this first bet, you will get a bonus which will be 50% of the amount of your first bet.

The minimum amount for this first bet is €5. To get the second part of the bonus, you need to place 10 bets in the value of at least €200. But in this case, odds need to be 2,0 higher. If you complete all the conditions, you will get a €100 bonus.

Conditions of the Luckia Bonus

Welcome bonus is an offer for all new Luckia users. The minimum deposit which new users need to invest is €5. To get the first part of the Luckia welcome bonus user needs to make a bet in the amount of €5 with odds 2,00 or higher. Once your bonus is activated you will have 7 days to make a bet. The maximum amount of money which the user can get in the first part of the bonus is €100.

To get the second part of the free bonus, the user needs to make at least 10 extra bets with odds 2,00 or higher. And all these bets need to be in the amount of €200. To make all these bets, every user will have 30 days. Once you make everything needed, you will get 10 free bets in the amount of €10. Users will have to spend 15 days until this bonus will disappear.

Every user can get a welcome bonus just once. In case someone wants to cheat, Luckia can ban this account.


Triplicamos tu depósito

Triplicamos tu depósito

Other promotions of Luckia

For all players, Luckia is offering additional bonuses and promotions. Here you can find Fantasy Lague, French Friday, American Insurance, a game with insurance, safe bet, follow network and win, VIP club and many others. Be aware that some promotions will change from time to tame, and for that reason is important to check the official site.

Fantasy League

Before you join the Luckia Fantasy League, you need to make your virtual team which is based on the real players. Also, you can play in ongoing tournaments, or you can create your own tournament. You can join the tournament until one minute before the game.

For this promotion, just for the organization, you will get €10 and for the winner, you will get €50. This is a game where players act like team managers. When you build your team you can choose the player depending on the type of tournament.

Building a team is easy before every tournament you will have a budget with which you will bring your players. But you will need to take care of your budget. Here you will find the best competition in world football and other sports like basketball or tennis.

Luckia Fantasy scoring system is objective. Only the development of the game and the performance of your players will bring you points.

Follow network and win

A huge number of users is spending their time on social networks. Luckia allows its users to win in these moments. These users will be aware of everything that happens in the sports world, and users will get all the important news.

What is more important, users can win a lot of money with the promotions and different contests that they will find in their networks. This amount can go up to €300 every week.

Luckia reward your combined bets

Every week Luckia will reward your combined bets with a free bet in amount of €5. But here is one condition, your combined bet need to be in the amount of €5 or more.

Have in mind that you will need to visit the site every week because every week Luckia will offer different codes. When you make your bets have in mind that you need to make a bet on at least three selections for any sport. The only exception is horse racing. In this case, odds need to be the same or bigger than 1,50. Luckia will give you back your €5 of free bets if you lose your bet.



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